Bass Fishing Secrets

Secrets Revealed for the very first time!

bass fishing tipsThe Only 3 Areas Of Bass Fishing That Matter

1. Find them (If you can’t find ‘em, you ain’t gonna catch ‘em)

2. Get bass to attack YOUR bait

3. Bring them in (without losing them!)

On the 2nd Bass Fishing Secrets page, you can gain access to hundreds of powerful (and completely unique) “instinct” bass catching secrets and have them at your fingertips. You’ll catch dozens (sometimes hundreds) of bass – even when your fishing buddies can’t get a bite.

On the 2nd Bass Fishing Secrets page, discover facts like: Fisherman #1 and his buddy caught over 600 fish in 2 days (including over 100 largemouth bass each) with their secret “sunny day bait”… and a twitch pattern that knocks ‘em dead!

These old school bass fishermen are no different to me and you, but there’s a serious advantage they had that most guys never will…

They Were Forced To Catch Bass… Or Starve To Death!

When you’re dirt poor (some of these fishermen below grew up during the Great Depression and World War II), and your survival depends on catching fish — you figure things out real quick. You’ll do almost anything to put a free meal on the table… and you’ll catch the hell out of ‘em, even when other people swear they “aren’t biting”.

These good ol’ boys survived by discovering unique and brilliant methods of catching bass. Their bass fishing secrets will blow you away!

Fisherman #1:
(This guy actually raises largemouth and smallmouth bass so he can test how they respond to different presentations. Over the years he’s discovered some killer techniques and unique baits that bass destroy!)

Fisherman #2: (In over 50 years of bass fishing, he’s developed deadly bass catching secrets that work in every season of the year. He is a “no B.S.” type of guy, and I was lucky to get him to open up and tell me everything…)

Fisherman #3: (He’s got it down to a science after catching bass his entire life. He loves to take raw beginners, and show them how to catch bass in less than half an hour… turning them into fishing addicts!)

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Fisherman #4: (During 30 years of bass fishing “addiction”, he’s discovered barely-legal tactics for slamming bass like wildfire. He’ll do almost anything to catch more bass than anyone else, and he’ll show you exactly how he does it.)

Fisherman #5: This crazy old Canadian has discovered how to modify certain baits to catch bass like crazy… especially around weeds! He’s been at it for 61 years, and he’s going to show you every trick up his sleeve…)

Fisherman #6: He’s figured out how to subtly “steal” most of the action in any fishing spot with secret “doctored” lures and twitch patterns!)

Fisherman #7: He caught his first bass when he was 5 years old… and he’s been hauling in the big ones ever since. Dave really “thinks outside the box”, and he’s discovered brilliant techniques that work like gangbusters!)

Fisherman #8: If it’s got the word “bass” in it’s name, Dan has caught it… largemouth, smallmouth, papermouth, spotted, white… even stripers! He catches ‘em all, and he’s got deadly methods for each.)

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Fisherman #9: His grandfather taught him secret topwater techniques and presentations that drive bass wild! And he still uses them to trigger explosive topwater bass strikes… almost at will.)

Fisherman #10: After 53 years of largemouth bass fishing, he’s created powerful strategies to catch bass in spots that are (supposedly) “all fished out”. Randy doesn’t care how bad everyone else is doing, because once he turns his secrets loose… he almost always comes home with a fat stringer!)

Fisherman #11: If it isn’t a big one, John doesn’t want it. This guy targets trophy-sized bass only. He uses sound and unique bait retrieval systems to confuse ‘em, piss ‘em off, and trigger strikes. He’s gonna show you how to haul in the big boys too.)

Fisherman #12: He’s developed fishing tactics based on how bass “think”, and he’s tested them in every area of the country… with jaw-dropping results! In fact, he’s used these methods to catch bass from Florida up to Maryland and all the way across the United States from Washington down to California.)

Fisherman #13: Well in a short time, this bass master could be YOU! Do’nt delay, now is your chance to learn from the old school bass fisherman, who had to catch fish, or STARVE!

You’ll Be Stunned How Easy It Is To Haul In Monster Bass

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